The Photographer - Sarah

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Sarah, and would love to take photos of your beautiful family.

I ensure I take lots of care to capture your family’s unique dynamics. I love photographing the relationships between mums and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, so you’ll never forget how your family was at that moment in time.

I don’t have patience, I have fun!

People are always commenting how patient I must be to photograph children and babies, but patience has nothing to do with it. Sit with them, interact with them, get silly with them, and eventually their face will light up and they’ll do that gorgeous little-kid laugh that makes my day.

It’s fun working with children and babies because of their innocence and lack of self-consciousness. It’s not like working with adults, when they sometimes stress about having their photo taken. Kids live in the moment and a lot of them are natural show-offs – and I love them for it.