auckland maternity photographer

Maternity Portrait Sessions

Your pregnancy is over in a heartbeat… but you’ll never forget it.

Pregnancy is an amazing and mysterious time for any mum-to-be. Maternity portraits are not just a way to remember this brief, but memorable, few months of your life, they’re also a sweet first picture in the new baby’s photo album.

Your husband or partner and your other children are welcome to be part of your maternity shoot – after all, you’re all in it together and it’s a special time for the whole family.

Maternity portrait sessions start at $425.00. If you have any special requests, such as retouching or removal of blemishes and stretch marks, let us know on the day of your shoot so we can make sure you love the way you look. We also recommend having hair and makeup done for your session, and we are happy to recommend hair and makeup artists we have worked with previously.

The best time to show off your pregnancy curves is at about 32-34 weeks, but you can schedule your portrait for whenever you feel most comfortable. Maternity sessions usually take place at a location of your choice. This can be outdoors or indoors using natural window light.

The style of maternity photos is very personal, and what you wear for your maternity photo shoot is up to you. We recommend you wear something plain and comfortable, but whether you choose to be photographed fully clothed or not is up to you. We have various fabrics and maternity gowns to use for your portrait session.