auckland newborn photographer

Newborn Portraiture

Newborn portrait sessions start at $425.00

Your baby’s first days will pass by in a blur, and it’s amazingly easy to forget just how they looked as a tiny newborn.

Newborn portrait sessions are a wonderful reminder for you of those first few days, and make a lovely gift for grandparents. There aren’t many things that make a more beautiful photo than the downy hair and wrinkled skin of a sleeping baby.

Because the best newborn shots are taken within 10 days of birth, when the baby still has that newborn look, we recommend you book your session before your due date so you don’t miss out. Knowing how those little buns often pick their own times to come out of the oven, we’ll pencil in two tentative session appointments, and you can let us know once baby is born.

Newborn sessions take place using natural window light in your home. Everything that is needed is transportable. Outside of the Greater Auckland area may incur a travel fee. We let baby set the pace of the session – some babies curl up and sleep right through and the session is done within an hour, while others are a bit less settled and it takes longer. But there’s no rush – if your baby happens to be one of the less settled ones, we can take a break at any time.

Dads and older siblings are, of course, very welcome – we can get some beautiful images of the bond between siblings.